Sunday, December 12
Handel’s Messiah: Revisiting this great Masterpiece A Lecture with Bob Swan

4:00pm at The Whitehall United Methodist Praise Center 117 Division Street in Whitehall

One of the best of all Christmas traditions is the Messiah by George Frideric Handel. The Messiah spans the life of Christ from birth to death to resurrection; the music amplifies that wonderful story. Through recorded examples Bob will demonstrate Handel’s genius of combining text (by Charles Jennens) and music to compose one of the most favorite pieces of music in western art. Share the historical background as you hear some of the most famous and beautiful arias and choruses including the most famous chorus of them all!


The Swan Series features lectures from White Lake Chamber Music Society’s Artistic Director Robert Swan. In these lectures, Swan, who performed for 34 years as a violist in the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, shares many of his insights and experiences as a professional musician.

The Swan Series customarily comprises three separate in-person lectures held on the third Sunday of every month (January–March) at the Praise Center of the United Methodist Church. These unique discourses offer audience members a chance to enrich their musical knowledge and gain insight into the world of professional musicianship and music history.